Sign up to offer Early Education Funded places

If you have decided you want to offer Early Education Funding (EEF) places, your first step is to contact the Early Education Funding Team (EEF Team) via email, stating you wish to become an EEF provider.  Please include your setting name, address, postcode and your Ofsted Unique Reference number in the email.  
The EEF Team will undertake initial checks to ensure that you are eligible to become an EEF provider, if you are eligible we will then advise you of the next steps in order to become an eligible EEF provider. 
You will only become an eligible EEF provider once all the relevant forms have been completed and processed by the EEF Team.  Please note you will not be able to claim for any children, until you have received our confirmation email that you are now an EEF eligible provider.
Note: We cannot accept requests to become a new provider during our busiest periods each term, when we are processing funding claims.