Register for access to the provider portal

If you have not yet registered for access to the portal please contact the team via email at  to request a username and password which will then be emailed to you. 

Guidance notes and support

Please see the latest guidance notes which will help you to complete an online headcount and supplementary headcount claim. The guidance notes are the first place you should look for help with completing the claim.
If you have any issues logging into the online portal or any technical issues with the online claim process then please email

Headcount dates and deadlines

Term Headcount Week
Autumn 3-9 October 2022
Spring  16-22 January 2023
Summer  15-21 May 2023

If you do not submit your headcount claim by the deadline your payment will be significantly delayed and you will be charged a late penalty fee.

Supplementary claims

As per Clause 14.17 of the EEF Funding Agreement, Providers can submit a supplementary claim for the following children:
  1. three and four year old children who take up a free universal place after the headcount week;
  2. two year old children who take up a free place after the headcount week;
  3. three and four year old children who take up the extended entitlement after the headcount week providing the child's parent was found to be eligible by HMRC prior to the beginning of the term the child became age eligible;
  4. two, three and four year old children who increase their hours of attendance after the headcount week.
For more detailed information see the provider portal guidance notes.

Payment dates

For all providers we will make 1 termly interim payment, estimated as a percentage of the previous term's actual headcount hours claimed, followed by a balancing payment.  Any provider that did not make a previous term's headcount funding claim, and all Childminders will have the opportunity to submit their own estimate of hours for the current term via the Provider Portal.  Providing you have submitted the required information within the specified deadlines outlined in the email sent at the beginning of each term, we will pay the interim and final balance payments inline with the dates specified in the funding agreement.  For further information on payment schedules, please refer to section 16 of the Funding Agreement 

Claiming Early Years Pupil Premium

Please submit the EYPP information as part of the on-line headcount claim. Detailed information about how to do this can be found in the provider portal guidance notes.