Lancashire Quality Award - Equality in the Early Years

LQA Equality
This Lancashire Quality Award for PVI settings comprises of ten standards for self-reflection of your effective inclusive practices, focusing on statutory obligations, creating a positive equalities ethos, defining the roles of leaders and managers in implementing related policies, the part that parents, children and the wider community play in equality practices and reviewing teaching and learning, ensuring that staff know how to assess and progress children in this area.
The programme includes:
  • All materials required
  • One on site pre-verification visit by an Early Years Consultant
  • Awarding process and certificate
Whilst undertaking this module, it is highly recommended that you access the following training to support this quality improvement process and to fully understand the legal obligations you must adhere to and the practicalities of how to achieve these:
  • Fundamental British Values and Equality in the Early Years
  • 'People and communities' and 'The World'

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