Lancashire Quality Award - Mathematics in the Early Years

QA Maths Original
This Lancashire Quality Award for PVI settings will focus upon all elements of mathematical development supporting your team to plan and deliver mathematical experiences for all children to ensure they learn and progress well.
Key considerations will be to:
  • identify and embed strategies to engage parents in developing early mathematics skills
  • support practitioner's understanding and confidence in the development stages of  
  • mathematical thinking
  • create a mathematical rich, stimulating learning environment, indoors and outdoors
  • explore the potential mathematical opportunities within the daily routine and everyday experiences to promote children’s mathematical thinking
  • develop strategies to support progression through adult-led teaching and offer appropriate challenge for children through continuous provision and the learning environment.
The programme includes:
  • All materials required
  • One on site pre-verification visit by an Early Years Consultant
  • Awarding process and certificate
 Whilst undertaking this module, it is highly recommended that you access the following training to support the self-reflective quality improvement process:
  • Maths at Play for Under Threes
  • Maths Through Continuous Provision
  • Developing Early Number
  • Shape, Space and Measures in the Early Years

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